Black Psych Finder Was Birthed Out Of A Need For Culturally Sensitive Mental Health Care.

Black Psych Finder Was Birthed Out Of A Need For Culturally Sensitive Mental Health Care.

Only 1 in 3 African Americans that need mental health treatment get it... and when they do get it, they are MORE likely to be misdiagnosed, and LESS likely to be offered evidence-based medication therapy or psychotherapy.  

Many people that need mental healthcare feel like a black psychiatrist would understand them better. With the additive additional effects of COVID-19, escalating racial injustice, and the pressures of living, the need for culturally sensitive black psychiatrists has become overwhelming. For so many, explaining the stress of existing in black bodies is exhausting. 

The frustration and despair of people that were looking for a black psychiatrist and unable to find one was palpable… a solution was needed.

Black Psych Finder was created to be the solution, connecting real people with the black psychiatrists they desire to achieve better mental healthcare. Good mental health is the foundation to good overall health and quality of life. Black Psych Finder is a one stop comprehensive website that welcomes people from all backgrounds who are who are interested in finding a black psychiatrist to provide you with quality, compassionate care so you can have the life you deserve and were created for.

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Hi, I’m Dr. Ericka, Founder of Black Psych Finder

It was always my dream to be a doctor. I fulfilled my childhood dream and then completed a congressional fellowship, where I worked on universal health care, as well as child and adolescent psychiatry training at Harvard.  

I then was a traveling psychiatrist taking care of people all over the country, but I couldn't take care of my family. I had family members struggling with mental illness and their psychiatrists were not always what I wanted for them.

I’ve seen first-hand how culturally insensitive care can be harmful and because of this, I am passionate about making culturally sensitive mental healthcare easily accessible. Everyone deserves to receive quality care from someone they feel they can relate to and that can relate to them.  

More About The Founder and Creator of Black Psych Doc

Dr. Ericka Goodwin is on a mission to help you Be Better, Do Better, and Live Better.  She is a Harvard-trained, double board-certified psychiatrist, bestselling author, top-rated speaker, integrative lifestyle coach, and creator of the hit podcast, “Better with Dr. Ericka.”  She is a graduate of Spelman College and Emory University School of Medicine.  She also completed her General Psychiatry Residency at Morehouse School of Medicine.  

Dr. Ericka works with organizations and high performing individuals who are stuck and want to get back to getting better results and living a better life.

Within a few moments of being with Dr. Ericka, you can see why executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs hire her to get to the next level. She takes Ivy League strategies and simplifies them into easy-to-use steps that everyone can relate to. Dr. Ericka’s down-to-earth style makes it easy for everyone to relate to her story, feel seen, heard, and look within to access greater levels of personal and professional breakthroughs.

Dr. Ericka is known as one of few medical professionals who will tell you what they don’t tell you…but you really need to know! Her evidence-based methods go against the grain of common myths about success that sound good, but don’t really work. She will show you and your organization secrets used by some of the world’s greatest achievers and translate them into practical steps that can change your life forever.

Dr. Ericka’s story is proof that “When you know better, you can do better!”

Dr. Ericka

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Improving people’s  lives through access to black psychiatrists.